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Vector Database

What is vector database? Why Jaguar vector database? Is there a basic usage example? They are described in this document:
About Jaguar Vector Database PDF


Here are frequently asked questions about Jaguar vector database. Is JaguarDB a library or a database? How does JaguarDB distribute vector data?
JaguarDB Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly is ZeroMove? Why is it crucial for a scalable vector database? In the past, achieving horizontal scaling in distributed database systems necessitated data migration and reindexing.
What is ZeroMove? How does it work?


Here you can find the configuration parameters for JaguarDB implementation, enabling the fine-tuning of its performance across diverse system environments.
JaguarDB Configuration Guide

User Manual

The administrative and developer manual serves as a comprehensive guide for configuring JaguarDB and programming, facilitating the seamless processing of both vector and non-vector data.
JaguarDB Admin & Users Manual

Spring Boot

Spring Boot is a framework for building Java web applications that is built on top of the popular Spring Framework. Here we demonstrate the seamless integration of JaguarDB and Spring Boot for AI applications.
Spring Boot and JaguarDB PDF

AI and IoT

AI is extensively employed in Internet of Things to enhance intelligence in connected devices. Through AI algorithms, IoT devices can interpret vast amounts of data, enabling predictive maintenance and anomaly detection.
JaguarDB AI & IoT Example PDF

Jaguar SDK

Within this GitHub repository, you will discover an extensive collection of SDKs and illustrative examples that showcase the various ways you can integrate the Jaguar Vector Database into your applications.


JaguarDB offers comprehensive support for vector database in artificial intelligence, along with instantly scalable datalake storage for raw media files and robust similarity search capabilities. This facilitates efficient handling of large datasets and enhances AI applications that require rapid data retrieval and similarity comparisons. JaguarDB, with integrated features, provides a seamless solution for managing and analyzing complex data in AI-driven environments.


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